The Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists (SAAS) has been in existence since 1899 under various names. SAAS strives to forward the interests of Southern agriculture by bringing agricultural leaders in the educational field and industry together. The association instructs and trains individuals for the purpose of improving or developing their capabilities relating to educational activities in service to the public arena. SAAS also offers young scientists an opportunity to present papers resulting from their research, extension, or other efforts and to exchange knowledge with other leaders.

SAAS serves in these and in many other ways as well. With agriculture declining in relative importance to industry, there is need for an organization such as SAAS dedicated to representing and supporting agriculture on an industry-wide basis in the South. The association encourages young people to avail themselves of the opportunities of serving agriculture. It helps bring about the best possible working relationship between various agricultural organizations, agencies and agriculturally related industries. SAAS also promotes representation by Southern agriculture on national boards and commissions.